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Scuba diving holidays in Cuba

Scuba diving holidays in Cuba Scuba diving holidays in Cuba Scuba diving holidays in Cuba

40 accredited dive centres, with over 1000 logged dive sites – this amazing island offers the best diving in the Caribbean has. Warm, clear waters. Unspoilt, healthy reef systems with an abundance of hard and soft coral life. Sharks, whale sharks,… More Info

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Cuba, Varadero
Breezes Bella Costa
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Cuba, Varadero
Breezes Bella Costa
4 stars
All Iclusive
13 nights   £9999pp

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Scuba diving holidays in Cuba

40 accredited dive centres, with over 1000 logged dive sites – this amazing island offers the best diving that the Caribbean has.

Warm, clear waters. Unspoilt, healthy reef systems with an abundance of hard and soft coral life. Sharks, whale sharks, rays, giant grouper and morays, masses of colourful schooling fish, awesome corals and sponges and excellent macro-life. And a culture above the water that is hard to beat and should be part of any serious travellers' ‘must-see' list.

As Cuba sits on top of the second largest barrier reef system in the world, in clear and warm waters (25 degrees in January/February to 29 degrees in August/September), it is blessed with good currents and marine flows that ensure good visibility (30m+), amazing ecosystems, and very healthy marine life. Reputed to be one of the richest and well preserved reef systems in the world, Cuba is a destination that just has to be dived!

An abundance of soft corals, fascinating macro-life, diverse underwater geological structures including numerous walls, caves, cenotes and swim-throughs, and a plethora of natural beaches, islands and cays, Cuba really does offer excellent diving to all levels of diver.

With shallow, warm and clear coral gardens through to dramatic walls at real depth (40 metres is easily achieved) combined with the opportunity to encounter a large variety of marine life and an abundance of fascinating wrecks, Cuba has got it all underwater!

Whale sharks in October to December, Bull Sharks from June to February, friendly giant grouper that swim with you throughout your dive in buddy form, giant morays that come out and play, large groups of giant sting rays that exceed 4m wing spans to masses of reef, hammerhead, nurse and silk sharks, and over 1000 species of fish and 160 species of sponges, Cuba is an underwater paradise.

Macro life is in abundance, easy to find, and the corals and sponges are the photographers dream! Flatworms, nudibranches, flamingo-tongues, colourful tunicates, arrow crabs and anemones are spotted in large numbers on just about every dive.

And numerous wrecks of historic significance; oil tankers, large trawlers and even an intact 97 metre long Russian Destroyer complete with guns, torpedoes and rocket launchers sitting upright at 25 metres deep. And don't forget the treasure ships – who knows what you will see?!

Finally, the on-land bit:

Synonymous with our attitudes towards quality, we have selected dive centres that meet the rigorous safety standards that the discerning UK diver expects.

All of our dive centres are:

  • BSAC and ACUC accredited. Some are also CMAS and SSI accredited too.
  • Able to provide qualified instructors and Dive Masters, stringent registration processes (no card, no diving!), quality briefings, dive planning, and dive leadership for every dive.
  • Able to provide quality equipment and fills in well maintained cylinders.
  • Able to provide secure kit storage and drying facilities for our Clients equipment.
  • Able to provide alternative dive sites in case of inclement weather (where possible).
  • Equipment – the vast majority of the equipment (which is included in our prices) is less than 1 year old. Mares and Cressi are commonly seen brands, but ScubaPro is the brand of choice throughout the centres. All equipment is well-maintained and serviced in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Boat and Shore Diving – the vast majority of the dive sites are accessed via boat in times that do not exceed 15 minutes. There are of course exceptions to this, dependent upon the centre, the dive site of your choice and the weather/sea conditions! All boats are equipped with Oxygen, emergency equipment including defibrillators, VHF radios and mobile telephony that actually works!
  • Medical facilities – Cuba is one of the worlds leading countries for medical education. You will never be more than 40-45 minutes away from a doctor, the vast majority of who are trained in hyperbaric medicine, and a decompression chamber. Every hotel also has a GP on site or on call on a permanent basis. If you are far out to sea, helicopters or high powered coastal patrol boats are always on hand in the case of any emergency.

Scuba Diving Holidays in cuba

  • Scuba diving holidays in Cayo Largo, Cuba

    Scuba diving holidays in Cayo Largo, Cuba

    Approximately 35 minutes by plane from Havana lies Cayo Largo. This small island is 18 miles in area, and is surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean. Few 4* all-inclusive hotels, and a super "dive lodge" Cayo Largo is not short in accommodation options.

  • Scuba diving holidays in Cayo Levisa

    Scuba diving holidays in Cayo Levisa

    Approximately 25 minutes by boat off the northern most coast of Cuba lies Cayo Levisa, a desert island that has 4 kilometres of white powder sandy beach - a true paradise if there ever was one!

  • Scuba diving holidays in Guardalavaca

    Scuba diving holidays in Guardalavaca

    Guardalavaca sits on the South East coast of Cuba, 50 minutes away from the local international airport, Holguin. A small resort, with less than a dozen quality hotels, Guardalavaca offers exceptional beaches, a quiet pace of life, and quality diving.

  • Scuba diving holidays in Havana

    Scuba diving holidays in Havana

    The nation's historic capital, full of culture, life and passion on every street corner. Don't miss our city tours with expert guiding, and why not consider having a trip in a vintage car - topped off with the local deco-juice - a Mojito or Cuba Libre.

  • Scuba diving holidays in Jardines de la Reina

    Scuba diving holidays in Jardines de la Reina

    An astounding archipelago of no less than 250 coral islands and islets, Jardines de la Reina is a protected environment and National Marine Reserve with 75 miles of mangrove-fringed coral reefs and one of the last untouched diving areas in the world!

  • Scuba diving holidays in Santa Lucia

    Scuba diving holidays in Santa Lucia

    Santa Lucia is a remote beach resort, situated on the Atlantic coast of Cuba. Some 3 hours from the international airport at Holguin, Sta Lucia is a beach lovers and divers paradise.

  • Scuba diving holidays in the Isle of Youth

    Scuba diving holidays in the Isle of Youth

    A former prison colony and military zone, Isla de la Juventud is a 25 minute flight from Havana, and is positioned on the northern Caribbean side of the island of Cuba.

  • Scuba diving holidays in Varadero

    Scuba diving holidays in Varadero

    Voted one of the top 10 beach destinations in the world, Varadero is a bustling resort with quality bars, night clubs and other facilities. Most importantly, it offers excellent diving, and hotels selected for their quality and proximity to dive centres.

Scuba Diving Centres in cuba

  • Avalon Dive Centre, Cayo Largo del Sur

    Avalon Dive Centre, Cayo Largo del Sur

    Just 10 mins from any of Cayo Largo hotels, is Avalon Dive Centre on its own jetty, and next to the turtle sanctuary. A BSAC, SSI, ACUC and CMAS accredited dive centre, it is operated on behalf of Cuban Government by reputable Italian firm, Avalon.

  • International Diving Centre Cayo Levisa

    International Diving Centre Cayo Levisa

    On the southern side of the island, there is a small jetty that is also home to the dive boats - large, purpose built day boats that have plenty of deck space for your kit. Powerful engines will transport you quickly to the dive sites around the island.

  • International Diving Centre Eagle Ray

    International Diving Centre Eagle Ray

    Below palm trees on the beach next to Club Amigo Atlantico hotel, and minutes away from Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel sits Eagle Ray dive centre. BSAC accredited and well equipped with new ScubaPro equipment, this friendly dive centre run very professionally.

  • International Diving Centre El Colony

    International Diving Centre El Colony

    At the northern end of the Caribbean Coast of Cuba, situated on the fringes of Punta Frances National Marine Park, Colony is probably the most popular dive resort in Cuba with divers from all over the world.

  • International Diving Centre La Aguja - Marina Hemingway

    International Diving Centre La Aguja - Marina Hemingway

    Just on the edge of Havana City lies the international port and marina, Marlin Marina Hemingway. Home to mega-yachts and small water craft alike, this purpose built marina offers a good selection of restaurants and facilities at the head of the moorings.

  • International diving centre Marina Chapelin

    International diving centre Marina Chapelin

    Situated on the main resort strip in Varadero is the Marlin Marina Chapelin, a purpose built yachting marina, and home to the range of water craft for watersports excursions.

  • International Diving Centre Marina Tarara

    International Diving Centre Marina Tarara

    Perfect for divers with non-diving families, consider the marina at Tarara - approximately 20 minutes from the city centre, this dive centre has modern marina with everything non-divers need while they have been abandoned on land!

  • International diving centre Marlin Acua

    International diving centre Marlin Acua

    Smaller than the other dive centres in Varadero, this acts as a departure point for more advanced diving as Nitrox (EAN) is available here. It is also mooring point for the numerous dive boats, reducing congestion at the other marinas.

  • International diving centre Marlin Barracuda

    International diving centre Marlin Barracuda

    Situated in downtown Varadero you will find, right on the beach, Barracuda Varadero. A BSAC, SSI, ACUC and CMAS accredited dive centre, this is the centre for inland excursions for cave diving, trips to the Bay of Pigs and other destinations.

  • International Diving Centre Shark's friends

    International Diving Centre Shark's friends

    Shark's Friends is situated in the grounds of the 4* all-inclusive hotel, Be Live Brisas Sta Lucia. Home of the famous Bull Shark dives, great quality wrecks, awesome reef and wall diving from the beach make this a perfect base for your diving holiday.

Scuba Diving Sites in cuba

  • Ansalagrazia wreck - Santa Lucia

    Ansalagrazia wreck - Santa Lucia

    This is a wreck of a tugboat, and sitting upright on the edge of the wall, it is massaged by gentle current. Therefore, it is well covered with corals, despite being a relatively new wreck.

  • Canto Bonito (pretty corner)

    Canto Bonito (pretty corner)

    A wall that drops 15 metres down and teeming with lovely fauna of lobster, octopus, crab and coral fish. The site itself is located 35 metres under surface level and surprises visitors time and time again with the charming beauty of its small living gems.

  • Canto del Habo - Havana

    Canto del Habo - Havana

    Just a short trip in fast boat away, gentle currents make this an excellent drift dive, the majority of the reef sits at 18 metres, at the end of the drift the sea bed drops off to 30+ metres looking down on coral gardens and giant morays.

  • Casa Coral (coral house)

    Casa Coral (coral house)

    This is a coral barrier with blooming fauna mainly made up of small coral fish, a wide diversity of coral and gorgonians. Sea fans are the main feature of this site that despite being the closest to the surface still manages to surprise with its beauty.

  • Cayo Levisa coral garden

    Cayo Levisa coral garden

    At a maximum depth of 14 metres, don't be drawn into a false sense that this will be a disappointing dive. Bright sunlight filters down into the water, and the whole dive is in perfect visibility and daylight.

  • Corona cave - Guardalavaca

    Corona cave - Guardalavaca

    This dive site offers a healthy reef and coral garden at approximately 8 metres, gorges and channels in the reef edge, a tunnel through the reef edge to the wall, and a drop off down to below 50 metres in places. Something for everyone!

  • El escalon (the stairway) - Santa Lucia

    El escalon (the stairway) - Santa Lucia

    Minutes in the fast boat takes you to the outer edge of the reef, away from the more gentle sites sitting on the inside of the offshore reef system. This site does not disappoint - current is plentiful enough to make this a good drift dive along the wall.

  • El Pesquero (the fishing spot)

    El Pesquero (the fishing spot)

    This place has a living coral bottom with sponges, gorgonians and all kinds of tropical fish of all sizes and shapes. The site's main attraction however are the numerous colonies of rare black coral, an amazing world inviting you to admire its beauties.

  • Guardalavaca Coral Garden

    Guardalavaca Coral Garden

    At 15 metres maximum depth, this is a stunning dive site for a second dive, or perfect for those learning or intent on getting great photos. 10 minutes away from the beach by fast boat, you drop into a huge coral garden, absolutely teeming with life.

  • Inside channel - Cayo Levisa

    Inside channel - Cayo Levisa

    A deep wall, but on the inside of the offshore reef. Dropping down beyond 30 metres, with fascinating rock formations bedecked with plentiful hard and soft corals, this is a great dive.

  • Laberinto (labyrinth) - Guardalavaca

    Laberinto (labyrinth) - Guardalavaca

    15 minutes by fast boat from the beach is this spectacular reef formation. With underwater topography that has a prehistoric feel to it, rocky outcrops that are almost like a dinosaurs' armour plating drop down from 8 metres to 35 metres at maximum depth.

  • Laberinto (labyrinth) - Havana

    Laberinto (labyrinth) - Havana

    Serviced by Marlin Marina Hemingway, this is a great dive site. Don't forget your passport though when diving from here, as Marina Hemingway is an international port. 15 minutes by fast boat, and you are over the dive site.

  • La Cadena (the chain) - Guardalavaca

    La Cadena (the chain) - Guardalavaca

    This diving site is in fact a chain with massive links that span the entrance of the Bahamas Channel from East to West. Numerous kinds of different invertebrates have made their home here, you will greet them all whilst swimming at a depth of 40 metres.

  • La Corona (the crown)

    La Corona (the crown)

    A semi-circular formation resembling the shape of a crown the fantastic seabed found here is made up of big gorgonians and corals with a wide variety of sponges and an extensive range of medium to large tropical fish of all colours and shapes.

  • La posa de Milita - Havana

    La posa de Milita - Havana

    Situated on a private marina some 20 minutes from the city centre is Marina Tarara - a perfect place for the non-diving members of your group to spend the morning on the soft sandy beach, complete with showers, a cafe and toilets.

  • La Sirena (the mermaid) - Guardalavaca

    La Sirena (the mermaid) - Guardalavaca

    Leaving the dive centre, this dive site is approximately 10 minutes by fast boat. Dropping off into the clear waters on top of the reef (8-10 metres deep) as you descend you are more than likely to spot Giant Grouper, up to 6' in length.

  • Nuevo Mortera wreck - Santa Lucia

    Nuevo Mortera wreck - Santa Lucia

    With her bows at 5 metres, and her stern section resting at 26 metres, the Nuevo Mortera is a wooden cargo ship lying in the estuary to the inland saltwater port, Nuevitas, on the Atlantic coast of Cuba.

  • Outside channel - Cayo Levisa

    Outside channel - Cayo Levisa

    An awesome dive on the outer wall of the offshore reef. Deep, dark, atmospheric and stuffed to the brim with schools of large snapper, spadefish, jacks and barracuda. With the floor dropping off dramatically below 50 metres, this is a great wall dive.

  • Patrol boat 383 wreck - Varadero

    Patrol boat 383 wreck - Varadero

    Originally used as a coastal patrol boat, this 110 metre Soviet destroyer was retained by the Cuban Navy when the Russian navy left Cuba and sunk it as an artificial reef in 1996, she sits in clear waters, upright and intact a short trip from the marina.

  • Santa Fe cove - Havana

    Santa Fe cove - Havana

    The dive site is awesome - only 20 or so metres at maximum depth, with the top of the reef sitting at 8 metres (perfect for the safety stop at the end of your dive), you forget that you are in close proximity to the capital city within seconds.

  • Sharks coral head - Varadero

    Sharks coral head - Varadero

    At a maximum depth of 16 metres, this site is one of many that are perfect for the newly qualified diver, or indeed the experienced diver looking for something that is relaxing, yet delivers a great dive.

  • Tanker wreck - Varadero

    Tanker wreck - Varadero

    Dropping down the shot line to 23 metres, you will be on the deck! The superstructure extends up above your heads, so even for those who are limited to 18 metres depth, there is still an opportunity to experience a big wreck in open seas!

Hotels in cuba

  • Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia – santa lucia

    Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia4* Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia

    With amazing facilities for families & children and fun activities for everyone from each age group to do, the vibrating Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia sits in one of Cuba's most beautiful and isolated beaches, with great opportunities for marine exploration.

  • Blau Costa Verde – guardalavaca

    Blau Costa Verde4* Blau Costa Verde

    Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and enjoying a grand setting facing a beautiful strip of the Guardalavaca beach, the Blau Costa Verde is a fabulous 4* All Inclusive resort that caters for the whole family, with activities for everyone to enjoy!

  • Blau Varadero – varadero

    Blau Varadero4* Blau Varadero

    The 4* deluxe Blau Varadero resort offers guests with fun and entertaining Cuba holidays in a privileged section of the stunning Varadero beach strip. The Blau resort promises unforgettable Cuba holidays for the whole family in a great beach location.

  • Breezes Bella Costa – varadero

    Breezes Bella Costa4* Breezes Bella Costa

    The Breezes Bella Costa is a simple yet popular resort on Cuba's beautiful Varadero beach resort. Teaming with activities and things to do for everyone; this resort offers good value for money holidays in Varadero, where no family member will get bored.

  • Brisas Guardalavaca – guardalavaca

    Brisas Guardalavaca4* Brisas Guardalavaca

    The lovely 4-star Brisas Guardalavaca resort in Cuba's enchanting eastern province in Holguin, offers guests with a great and lush background in which to enjoy relaxing holidays in sheer tranquility and pure seclusion.

  • Brisas Trinidad del Mar – trinidad

    Brisas Trinidad del Mar4* Brisas Trinidad del Mar

    The Brisas Trinidad del Mar is a fabulous beach resort in Trinidad perfectly situated to enjoy the best of both worlds: culture and sun. The resort boasts its very own stretch of sunny beach while remaining close to the heart of downtown Trinidad.

  • Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca – guardalavaca

    Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca3* Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca

    Offering travellers with great 3* Cuba holidays in the blessed Guardalavaca beach resort, the Club Amigo Atlantico is suited to all kinds of travellers looking for great value, friendly service and good entertainment.

  • Comodoro Hotel and Bungalows – havana

    Comodoro Hotel and Bungalows4* Comodoro Hotel and Bungalows

    El Comodoro Hotel and Bungalows is the place to enjoy Cuba holidays in Havana in a refined, quiet and exclusive business area while being only 15 minutes away from the heart of downtown Havana. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation and great service.

  • El Colony Hotel – isle of youth

    El Colony Hotel3* El Colony Hotel

    This comfortable beachside resort accounts with one of the best and better equipped scuba diving centres in Cuba as well as a good range of facilities to make every guest's experience an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

  • Horizontes Cayo Levisa – cayo levisa

    Horizontes Cayo Levisa2* Horizontes Cayo Levisa

    The exotic and rustic Horizontes Cayo Levisa is made up of scattered wooden beach huts, positioned in prime beachfront locations amidst the splendour of a virginal, untouched and secluded island.

  • Hotel Rancho El Tesoro – isle of youth

    Hotel Rancho El Tesoro2* Hotel Rancho El Tesoro

    Standing in a secluded and calm environment surrounded by lush landscape, the Hotel Rancho el Tesoro is a quaint retreat for basic Cuba holidays in Isla de la Juventud amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

  • Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad – trinidad

    Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad5* Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad

    Boasting an amazing location right at the heart of Trinidad city, the Iberostar Grand Hotel welcomes guests to its 5* luxury holiday retreat with added local charm and plenty of local flair to give the most authentic Cuban experience possible.

  • Iberostar Laguna Azul – varadero

    Iberostar Laguna Azul5* Iberostar Laguna Azul

    Standing out as one of the biggest (with a total of 814 rooms) and newest hotels in the lovely Varadero beach strip, the Iberostar Laguna Azul is a fabulous 5* All Inclusive resort combining good service, great entertainment and a wide range of facilites.

  • Iberostar Varadero – varadero

    Iberostar Varadero5* Iberostar Varadero

    The astonishingly fabulous Iberostar Varadero is a grand resort offering unforgettable experiences to those staying at their resort during their Cuba holidays. Expect fun activities, top 5* service and attentive staff that make you feel right at home.

  • Isla de la Juventud Villas – isle of youth

    Isla de la Juventud Villas2* Isla de la Juventud Villas

    The picturesque Isla de la Juventud Villas are situated in a woodsy, countryside location offering guests a cosy and relaxing environment with villa-style blocks that lie close to the river and yet are not too far off from Nueva Gerona's city centre.

  • Las Cuevas – trinidad

    Las Cuevas2* Las Cuevas

    Sitting on a lovely hillside location in the World Heritage Site of Trinidad, the Las Cuevas hotel, the

  • Melia Santiago – santiago de cuba

    Melia Santiago5* Melia Santiago

    Often described as Santiago's best, the Melia Santiago offers discerning guests with a breath of fresh air in a modern hotel equipped with all international standard facilities and services you would expect from a 4* hotel.

  • Mercure Sevilla – havana

    Mercure Sevilla4* Mercure Sevilla

    Boasting unique and refined taste from the 1900s, the glamorous Mercure Sevilla Havane is a grand hotel located right at the heart of Old Havana's historic centre, within easy access to all of the area's main sites and museums.

  • Nh Parque Central – havana

    Nh Parque Central5* Nh Parque Central

    The elegant and timeles NH Parque Central majestically rises at the heart of Old Havana boasting magnificent views of the Central Park and the imposing Capitolio. This luxury hotel offers 5* service across its 2 sections; a colonial one and a modern one.

  • Occidental Miramar – havana

    Occidental Miramar4* Occidental Miramar

    The Occidental Miramar is quite possibly one of Havana's most luxurioius and well-equipped five-star hotels, offering plenty of dining and entertainment options with a wide range of facilities that go from a large swimming pool to tennis and squash courts

  • Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort And Spa – varadero

    Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort And Spa5* Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort And Spa

    Submerge in a world of lavish touches and sheer elegance, at this beautiful Varadero resort providing top notch luxury Cuba holidays in a privileged stretch of the famed Varadero beach strip.

  • Paradisus Rio De Oro Resort And Spa – guardalavaca

    Paradisus Rio De Oro Resort And Spa5* Paradisus Rio De Oro Resort And Spa

    The beautiful and spectacularly luxurious Paradisus Rios de Oro Resort and Spa is an luxurious oasis of peace and calm in Cuba's beautiful Guardalavaca beach resort. Oozing romance and enchantment this resort offers unforgettable Cuba holidays in paradise

  • Playa Blanca Hotel – cayo largo

    Playa Blanca Hotel4* Playa Blanca Hotel

    Offering great value accommodation in the pristine, uninhabited and virtually-deserted Cayo Largo, the Playa Blanca Hotel provides travellers of all ages and backgrounds with modern facilities and a great base from which to explore the wonders of the key.

  • Playa Pesquero – guardalavaca

    Playa Pesquero5* Playa Pesquero

    The Playa Pesquero is a deluxe 5* hotel in Guardalavaca and the pride of Cuban tourism entities. Having received a blessing by Fidel Castro himself the inauguration of this hotel established a new set of standards for Cuba's hotel industry.

  • Sandals Royal Hicacos – varadero

    Sandals Royal Hicacos5* Sandals Royal Hicacos

    The ultra-romantic Sandals Royal Hicacos is a deluxe hotel welcoming couples over 18 years old . This romantic resort oozes beauty and simplicity in a secluded area of Varadero Beach. Top 5* service is provided at the hands of friendly staff.

  • Sol Cayo Largo – cayo largo

    Sol Cayo Largo4* Sol Cayo Largo

    Enjoying a peaceful and paradisiacal location on Cuba's longest key, the Sol Cayo Largo is a secluded 4* resort providing guests with isolation and romance in an idyllic setting. Top service is provided at the hands of friendly staff.

  • Sol Rio de Luna y Mares Resort – guardalavaca

    Sol Rio de Luna y Mares Resort4* Sol Rio de Luna y Mares Resort

    An eclectic and fun resort for all, the Sol Rio de Luna y Mares offers travellers of all ages and interests with active Cuba holidays in a privileged beach location overlooking the pristine shores of Playa Esmeralda.


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