Incredible Marine Creatures Spotted on UK's Southern Coast

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Incredible Marine Creatures Spotted on UK's Southern Coast

Incredible Marine Creatures Spotted on UK's Southern Coast

Published: 2-Aug-12 14:58:00
Source: Diver Net
Author: Anna
Related: 10-Apr-10 23:11:09

Diving enthusiasts have been able to see more exquisite marine creatures during scuba diving adventures on the southern coast of the UK recently as the warm, calmer weather of the last two weeks of July attracted hundreds of dolphins, fish, seabirds and even a mike whale to the ocean’s surface off the coast of Lyme Bay in Dorset.

The recent warm weather in the United Kingdom has lured sea creatures out of the depths of the ocean and onto the southern coast of England and marine researchers and divers have been lucky enough to spot an array of spectacular marine species.

MARINElife research volunteers recently headed out to the ocean off the coast of Lyme Bay in Dorset, a popular spot for scuba diving excursions, and they managed to catch sightings of an array of beautiful marine creatures.

“Over the course of four full days out at sea between 21 and 26 July, highlights included a breaching thresher shark, a minke whale watched for two hours swimming to within 20m of the boat, over 60 bow-riding white-beaked dolphins, several playful common dolphin schools, numerous sightings of harbour porpoises, an ocean sunfish, large numbers of compass jellyfish and a feeding frenzy of seabirds involving over 1500 Manx shearwaters and 800 gannets,” the marine research company stated.

MARINElife added: “The sightings of white-beaked dolphin were particularly satisfying, as MARINElife is building a catalogue of fin photos, which help identify individual animals. Over the four days at sea, at least six different dolphin schools were seen.”

The cold water dolphin species are being threatened by climate change and Lyme Bay is the most southerly point they have ever been spotted in.

MARINElife is a research, education and conservation charity and it has been studying marine animals in Lyme Bay and other coastal regions in the South West through excursions and scuba diving adventures since 2007.

Lyme Bay is a popular destination for scuba diving holidays and its waters are home to an array of sunken wrecks including the Baygitano steam ship, the Empress of India, the St. Dunstan, the Carantan and the M2 submarine.

The United Kingdom boasts an array of fantastic scuba diving destinations from Cornwall to Scotland with plenty of cave diving, wall diving, reef diving and wreck diving opportunities. Popular sites include Vobster Quay in Somerset, Blue Lagoon in Arlesey, Swanage, the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, Anglesey, Isle of Wight, North West Scotland, Stackpole Quay, Pembrokeshire, St. Kilda, and Lundy in Devon.

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