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Scuba diving holidays in Taba, Egypt

Egypt's Red Sea has world-class diving, impressive coral reefs and diverse marine life. If looking for a less commercial dive resort, it would be worth booking a scuba diving holiday in Taba, where you can dive into the beauty of both Egypt and Israel.

Known as "The Gateway to Sinai", Taba is located on the northern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, just inside Egypt close to the border of Israel. This fast-growing resort is the northernmost resort of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera, and although it is less well known and less developed than Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada at the moment, it still offers excellent facilities in beautiful surroundings. The quiet bays and striking coastline make it a charming destination for tourists, whilst its clear blue waters and unique dive sites draw diving enthusiasts from around the world.

The main benefit of diving from Taba is that you can easily access the reefs around both Taba and Eilat in Israel, which is only a short distance away. This gives divers a much greater range of dive sites to choose from. Many of these are shore dives, although Taba's main attraction is Pharaohs Island, also known as Coral Island because of its beautiful surrounding reefs. This small granite atoll hosts the ruins of Salah el-Din fortress, which was built in the 12th Century to protect pilgrims on their way to Mecca. The crystal clear turquoise waters and surrounding coral reefs are inhabited by a rich variety of sea life. This is a breathtaking area not to miss.

Just 15 km south of Taba lies The Fjord, a beautiful, protected bay with vibrant coral reefs and an interesting drop-off for advanced scuba divers. Other diving highlights include The Aquarium, a gently sloping coral garden which hosts an impressive array of fish life, and Marsa El Muqabila, which is a good site for beginners. Blue-spotted rays and turtles can often be spotted in these calm waters, as well as yellow-tailed barracuda and giant puffer fish. This is just a small selection of dive sites in Taba.

Professional dive centres in Taba will introduce you to the best sites in the area, depending on your level of experience, and diving equipment will be provided. All sorts of scuba diving services are available in the area, from entry-level courses to professional courses. Introductory dives, night dives and diving packages are also available.

As well as offering uncrowded dive sites, Taba also boasts some rare and interesting marine life. This is one reason why Taba's waters are protected, and dive centres must abide by strict eco-friendly guidelines. A rare species of frogfish can be found here, as well as many species of seahorses which are rarely spotted anywhere else in the Red Sea. This is just one reason why a scuba diving holiday in Taba will be a unique and memorable one.


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